Our New Years Resolution - Real Estate Development

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Marlee Pittman
January 2, 2019

id City Redevelopment Alliance is a HUD-designated Community Housing Development Organization that has produced rental, for sale, and lease purchase housing units through a mixture of developed, sponsored, and joint venture partnerships. These investment projects include new & rehab construction as well as single- & multi-family units.

​Today, we are a residential and commercial property owner with a growing portfolio. We started our development program in 1997 with the construction of our legacy project known as Park Hills, an affordable single-family development of 15 new homes. We have gone on to build 97 new units since that time, for an impact of $18.2 million.

This year, we are broadening our real estate program into a sustained and robust real estate development pipeline to include property management, new & rehab single-family construction (rental and ownership), and multifamily development (rehab & new construction).

With the hiring of our first Real Estate Program Manager, Josh Dean, and the anticipated hiring of our first Deputy Director of Real Estate Development, we expect to maintain a pipeline of real estate activity that produces 25-30 units annually. He will be responsible for:

  • Managing rehab and new construction projects
  • Managing bid processes, contractor relations and construction services
  • Performing assessment and research on properties for acquisition

As Assistant Director of Campus Life at LSU, Josh worked with Geaux BIG Baton Rouge and our annual FIXUP! Mid City to promote collaborative community focused work. He is a licensed real estate agent with experience in real estate investment.

Our New Year’s resolution is to build more affordable and diversified housing options for anyone who wants to live in Mid City. We have invested heavily by hiring dedicated staff. As we fundraise to support these community projects, we are confident we can make our goals a reality.

If you want to learn more, view recent news coverage of our real estate development activities: http://www.wbrz.com/news/group-plans-to-build-affordable-homes-in-mid-city/

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