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We are creating community through public art, community events, service projects and creative placemaking.

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Community Stabilization

The historic, oak-lined streets of Mid City are a microcosm that reflects the beauty found throughout our great city. From the bustling, modern businesses of Florida Boulevard to the charming boutiques of Government Street, Mid City hosts a full representation of the big and small of the Baton Rouge economy. The most diverse self-identified region of Baton Rouge, our community is a blend of racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and our unique culture stems from this diversity. This celebrated district is the heart of our city, and it’s our mission to see it thrive.

  • Support Local Businesses
  • Support Community Events including White Light Night and Mid City Gras
  • Promote Public Art Through ArtLIFT Program

Mid City Merchants was created to bolster local business and stimulate growth in Mid City, Baton Rouge’s historic and cultural hub. Each year we work with Mid City Merchants to host two of Baton Rouge’s largest art hops, promote both local art and the local business, and bring new businesses, organizations, and artists together to address shared challenges and create a renewed sense of community and cooperation.

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