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Homeownership Promotion

We believe in the power of homeownership. In fact, we have seen it transform entire communities. Homeowners have a stake in their neighborhood, and lobby for better services, join civic associations and are more likely to vote. Families who own their own home build household wealth, maintain and improve their property, and plan and save for the future without fear of rising rent. In short, homeownership builds strong families and strong communities.

  • Online and In-Person First Time Homebuyer's Class
  • Credit Repair, Budgeting, and Financial Coaching
  • Financial Assistance to Meet Your Home Buying Goals

Prospective home buyers receive unbiased and impartial information about home buying in a customer-friendly environment that offers one-on-one counseling. If clients are homeownership ready, they can take our HUD-Approved class taught by professionals in their field. These classes ensure home buyers are eligible for financial assistance programs. Visit the Home Ownership Center website for more information:

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