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A community Development Nonprofit

Revitalizing the Heart of Baton Rouge

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We are advancing economic progress and community prosperity because we believe our community can work better for everyone.

We create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives, and strengthen our community -- to make Mid City a place where everyone can live, work, play and shop.

About Us
Map of Mid City - center of Baton Rouge, to the East of Downtown, West of Lobdell, South of Choctaw, and North of the Interstate.
Our Theory of change

What We Do

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We are planning communities with residents at the forefront.
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We are preserving homeownership to halt displacement.
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We are building affordable places to live.
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We are educating families to create homeowners.
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We are Empowering residents to build community.
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We are celebrating community to create places we all want to live, worship, play, and shop.
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Partners, residents, and volunteers engaged
Pride in Place Projects and Events Completed
Homes Purchased after Graduating our Home Ownership Center
New Homes Built
Homes Rehabbed and Foreclosures Prevented
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How Can We Help?

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Help Buying a Home

Prospective home buyers receive unbiased information about home buying, credit repair services, access to financial assistance, and support reaching budgeting and savings goals.

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Foreclosure Prevention

Homeowners can receive one-on-one delinquent mortgage counseling and help mediating with their bank and creditors.

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Purchase One of Our Affordable Homes

We're building high-quality homes in neighborhoods of promise. We believe in building homes that will build equity for homeowners in the long-run.

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Help Repairing Your Home

If your house is in need of minor repairs, we work with professional contractors and volunteers to improve your home.

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Hammer and Screwdriver Icon
Borrow Tools or Event Supplies

We rent tools to residents so that they can repair their own homes, beautify their neighborhood, or host community events.

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Community Leadership Training

Residents can attend both local and national trainings to empower them to make a difference in their community.

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AmeriCorps Service Opportunities

Join our AmeriCorps team to add capacity critical local organizations across the city and gain valuable work experience.

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Mural and Public Art Sponsorship

We're beautifying Mid City one public art project at a time. Apply for an ArtLIFT grant to match every dollar you spend on public art.

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Community Event Sponsorship

If you're looking for support hosting your next community event, we can help sponsor your next event or provide much needed supplies.

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