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Marlee Pittman
January 9, 2021

ello Mid City Businesses,

Mid City Merchants and Mid City Redevelopment are launching a community branding campaign to kick off the 30th anniversary of the name Mid City for our community.

First, we worked with many of our amazing neighbors, community leaders, and businesses to select a symbol for Mid City - the acorn. We then asked Stun Design to create something that represented the whole community, an open-source logo for everyone to use.

What do you think? We think they knocked it out of the park!

Why is this logo important?

Community branding has the ability to influence friends’ and families purchase decisions, build relationships, and tell the stories of the community. Our mission is to bring our community together and we believe this logo will bring a sense of connection between people, place and businesses.

What’s Next? Public Art!

Mid City was the 1st Arts and Culture District in Baton Rouge and arts and culture still serves as the anchor attraction to our community(aside from the amazing people and businesses of course).

What better way to brand our area then work with several local artists to design murals based on our new logo? We couldn’t think of any so that’s what we did!

How does your business get a mural?

  1. Pick your favorite mural design
  2. Send us a picture and dimensions of the space you would like the mural to be placed.
  3. Our artists will then work up an estimate for the project cost.

Want us to pay for half of the project?

We’ll pay for half of the costs up to $2,500if the mural is outside and viewable from a public space. We want everyone to know the moment they come to Mid City they are stepping foot in this amazing community where creativity speaks out loud.

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing journey to make Mid City the best place to live, work, and play in the region and we can’t wait to see these beautiful murals around the community!

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