Meet Aneatra Boykin, Our New Board Chair

Post by 
Marlee Pittman
March 1, 2019

ongratulations on being elected to serve as Mid City Redevelopment Alliance's next Board Chair! What made you interested in serving on the board of MCRA?

  • I was a resident of Mid City for two years prior to becoming a member and wanted to be a part of the positive change that was occurring in the community.

We have a new community outreach initiative "We Love Mid City," so I have to ask, why do you love our community?

  • What’s not to love about it?  MidCity is a family friendly community that’s rapidly growing.  Within the past two years the community has seen major economic developments with thriving restaurants and affordable housing. Even with the growing economic developments the area still maintains a neighborly atmosphere.

While there is a lot to love about Mid City, we also know there is a lot of opportunity for growth. If you had a magic wand and could improve anything about Mid City, what would it be?

  • Blighted housing.  MidCity is a beautiful area of Baton Rouge.  There are so many of our elderly that need assistance with the restoration of their homes.  MCRA is trying,  but can’t help everyone. If I had a magic wand I would eliminate it.

You have been very successful in your career as an attorney at the Department of Transportation and Development and before that at the Department of Children and Family Services. Who would you say is your professional or personal mentor and role model?  

  • The obvious is my mother who is constantly pushing me to do more and be better. Also, my friends.  I believe you should surround yourself around those you aspire to be like.  It encourages greatness.  My friends amaze and encourage me daily.

No discussion of Mid City would be complete without mentioning all of the fun events, restaurants, bars, shops and novelty stores in our area. What is your favorite thing to do in Mid City?

  • Trying out the new restaurants!!! I am a foodie and I am always excited to try out the new restaurants that hit the area.

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